Liberty Welding & Iron Works Co. was founded in 1924 and has built both reputation and business by delivering quality work in a timely manner at a competitive price. We specialize in Industrial Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal Fabrication, and Ornamental Metal Fabrication.

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(504) 457-3200

2617 Edenborn Ave., Ste. C

Metairie La, 70002

We have done a tremendous variety of carbon steel, aluminum and alloy steel fabrication, manufacturing and repair work both in our shop and in the field over the last 94 years. We build custom Hazardous collection boxes, Autoclaves, Rotoclave enclosures and Pressure Vessels for a variety of applications.

We have been the greatest help to clients that allow us to jointly develop their product or a piece of novel process equipment (especially equipment with a sealed shaft) or equipment that needs a specialized computer modeling or stress analysis. Because of the proprietary nature of most of theses designs we cant show you their details, but we can let you speak to a customer that has equipment with components that are similar to yours.

​We fabricate a wide variety of  custom metal products for our customers' needs.