We build vessels in conformance with ASME boiler and the ASME Pressure Vessel Code and mark our products with either "U", “S”, or “H” stamps. We specialize in repairing or modifying pressure vessels and heat exchangers in conformance with the National Board Inspection Code, and upon completion we mark the item with the “R” stamp. Our quality assurance program covers design, acceptance, material ordering and acceptance, fit up, fabrication, and final testing.   we marfrom material acceptance, through fit-up and weld-out, to final testing is formally documented, updated and recertified on an established schedule. This program and each coded vessel is monitored by an independent inspection agency.

The bulk of Liberty’s work involves the custom fabrication and repair of pressure vessels such as heat exchangers, boilers, and piping, transition pieces, fabricated elbows, tanks and miscellaneous process equipment. Additionally, general steel fabrication involving rolling, punching, cutting and welding of plate and structural shapes for skids, pipe racks, ladders, walkways and miscellaneous weldments are easily handled by our facilities.

Process Vessels

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Highlights of our Quick Opening Closures:
• Lock Ring removes easily for complete tooth inspection
• Standard O-Ring seals pressure or vacuum at up to 350 degrees F
• Custom Designs for O.E.M.'s available
• ASME Code, Japan, Canadian Registry and PED(CE) Certification
• Available in standard 24", 30", 36", 48", 52", 60", 72", 84" and 144" Diameter
• Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

We have methods to simplify the design of intricate components such as reducing mitred elbow, or tilted hillside nozzles, and their repads. We can provide these components individually complete with U-Part Certification.

We often design and supply the platforms, ladders and stairs that accompany our vessels and towers. Our designs are in complete compliance with OSHA or customer specific specifications.